Pico Day Animation

2010-02-26 03:44:06 by songiesworld

So I'm working on a Pico Day Animation. I joined up on this collab: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/11 48011/ . Still working out how the story is going, but I'm happy I have the characters ready, I should be able to start storyboarding tomorrow. :) Then after this I will get back into my original animation that I am working on. (The Adessa based story)



Pico Day Animation


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2010-03-04 23:59:50

Man, sure hope the Pico Day Collab pulls through. Around ten people said they'd make a part, and it seems they left. I can imagine how agonizing that is for the leader, the same shite has been happening in my own collab.

Anyway, I would highly suggest you post that picture in the Pico Day Collab Thread. So that one of us has done something, ya dig? Y'aight.

And good luck.